My name is Lorraine Fay, I am 54 years old and am on a disability. I current live on 1,012.00 dollars a month which I receive from Ontario Disability Support.
I am currently  member of @AbilityFirst  where we are reaching out to employers in hopes of hiring person with disabilities. It has been a very slow process. My disability is Fibromyalgia a disability Millions experience. Yes it can be debilitating if not managed properly. From physical, emotional, spiritual and yes financially. My concern is our funds are being exhausted in terms of supporting those on disability and we need to bring awareness to employers that those on disability can & will make a difference in the workplace. We together can bring awareness and build communities , saving our tax payers dollars, while introducing to those on a disability , You Can To. Imagine a person on a disability waiting for the month end cheque (at the expense of our Tax payer, while exhausting Ministry funds) doing nothing each and every day. Growing older, less productive, developing Mental Illness (depression) utilizing our community resources, exhausting our community support partners and funds. Does not sound like  day anyone would like to have and can we afford this? BellLetsTalk , Leads Employment agency, Hutton House, New centres being open to support those with both physical & mental health concerns. Woo now if that is not indicative of a need out there in the community than I don’t know what it will take to bring change, awareness, education, and hope.
So my thought is this: Take me I am yours. There are more disabled persons watching TV than abled body people. Lets send a message, lets show the world that change can happen if you let it. how cool would it be to be off a disability, being a productive member of society and yes having a few bucks to enjoy a Timmies 😊 Bringing a whole new meaning to the term Disability
Lets get a  show going where 3 persons w disabilities pitch to the team why they feel they are the best candidate to receive and intern position. The winner will go on to work at a place suitable to their disability, (Mine would be in a creative , Mentor role) love advertising, Arlene from Dragons Den would be my dream come true . My body might not function as it once did but my mind is still as sharp & probably even more creative due to my condition. The Old Gray Mare might not be what she used to be but she still wins a few races 😊Ok if I had the winning pitch, I would go to an intern position and be followed on my journey back . Showing that no matter what , You can reposition your self in life . How inspiring would that be. Giviing others hope, showing employer s that hiring a person with a disability is a Great idea @abilityfirst  and will make a difference all round.
 Lets together show those Hundreds of thousands( just in Canada alone, the numbers Internationally are staggering) that they matter ! They too can work, be part community building, give hope and a purpose, to move forward.