Looking back reflecting on past events of the year and looking towards a more peaceful purpose for the future, free from abuse !

Soul Searcher

For many years I held the “picture” of you close to my heart. A picture of long ago. I cherished in my heart the memories of long ago. I twirled my baton in the “Grey Cup Parade” while your marched behind me playing your trumpet. “The last song”

Years later here I stand at your bedside trying to come to terms with our “Final Good bye” I search for words, for memories, for the times “special” to both.A time to cherish the moments we both shared. There was little joy to share at such a time, nothing but memories of the painful past.

I longed for you to walk me through life, to my future, a life where I was would be “cared for” with gentle gloves, a kind heart. I held my hand out to you but walked alone.

I prayed every night ” please Lord bring my father…

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